Freedive Ningaloo

We start breathing the day we’re born, and take 22,000 breaths a day, everyday, for the rest of our lives. Breathing is untaught, it’s instinctive, it’s automatic. You breathe faster if you’re active, slower when at rest; you breathe shallow if you’re anxious, deeper when relaxed. Breathing powers our body and our minds, it controls you; until you learn to control your breathing.


Freediving is the purest form of underwater exploration where divers learn to supercharge their breath-holding ability and swim to depth using only a mask and fins. No heavy air tank, no scuba speed limit, nothing but the natural underwater world surrounding you. All of us have the potential to enjoy long periods underwater by learning how to harness the ‘Diving Reflex’ shared by dolphins, whales, seals and nearly all mammals, birds and reptiles.


Immerse yourself in the Ningaloo Reef and discover your diving ability 


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Freedive Ningaloo


Our ocean enthusiast and Freediving Instructor Josh will guide you step by step through detailed workshops on breath-hold training, aquatic physiology, freedive efficiency, depth adaption and much much more. We aim to create freedivers who have the knowledge, ability and confidence to continue their training and ocean exploration long after completing their certification.

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Freedive Ningaloo

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Freedive Ningaloo

Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable and informative Ningaloo Reef experiences for our guests. To share our passion and knowledge of the World Heritage Listed reef and ensure the protection of this delicate ecosystem and its abundant marine life for the future.

Freedive Ningaloo Freedive Ningaloo

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“Great place, great excursion”

Very nice and satisfying excursion with attentive and knowledgeabel guide Tegan, hard working fotographer Tom and captain sir Scott today. Lucky with the weather as well. One of the best experiences in my life!

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