School Holidays

Coral Bay is an idealistic family-friendly holiday destination, resulting in the school holiday periods being the most sought-after.

We open for each school holiday period roughly 15 months in advance. We take phone reservations only from our Perth reservations office. We open from 9 am on the dates below. Our contact number to call on these dates is (08) 9385 6655.

We are currently open for all holiday periods in 2023 and April 2024.


Booking Procedure

We take phone reservations only for all School Holiday periods from our Perth reservations office. All email inquiries will only be considered after the fact, so phoning on the opening day is essential. One person is welcome to book for a maximum of 6 families. We ask for individual details per booking that are not changeable.

We run waitlists for camping and accommodation for each period. Please be aware upon booking that we do not allow for name changes during school holiday periods as we maintain waitlists diligently.


Opening Dates*

School Holiday Period Booking Opening Date
April 2024 1st February 2023
July 2024 3rd May 2023
September/October 2024 28th June 2023
Christmas/New Year 2024/25 6th September 2023
*Subject to change - please ask our head office on 08 9385 6655 for further questions


School Holidays
School Holidays