Turtle Hatching Season

The new year brings new beginnings with turtle hatching season underway along the Ningaloo Coast.

Turtle Hatching Season
Green turtle image by Ocean Collective Media

Our region is recognised as one of the most important breeding and nesting grounds in the world for green, loggerhead & hawksbill turtles. Female turtles lay their clutches along our Ningaloo Coast beaches from November to March.

Tiny turtles begin to hatch after a 6 week incubation period, returning to the ocean until they reach maturity, from 17-30 years.

There is a Turtle Watching Code to adhere to if you are lucky enough to encounter a nesting turtle, or hatching nest. Our delicate ecosystem must be protected in order to ensure the survival of these amazing creatures, from hatching throughout their lifespan, which can range up to 70 years.


Remember respect and protect!

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