Booking Procedure for School Holidays

When visiting Coral Bay in School Holiday periods, you must book your accommodation & site well in advance to avoid disappointment!

We open 15 months in advance for each Holiday period – a list of our opening dates for School Holidays in 2021 can be found HERE.

We take phone reservations only for all School Holiday periods from our Perth Reservations Office on (08) 9385 6655. Email enquiries are considered after the fact, so phoning on this date is essential! Phone lines can be engaged but please continue to call – we will be with you as soon as we can.

Booking for multiple families: We are happy for one person to call & book for multiple families. However, we require the individual contact details of EACH family to be provided on this date. We will not book multiple sites/ accommodation under one name, and do not permit name changes.

After your initial phone call to confirm the bookings, full contact details can be emailed to by 4pm. This includes:
– Full name
– Postal address
– Contact number
– Email address
– Number of adults/ children residing
– FOR SITES – Vehicle type/ length on-site (ie. tents, caravan, camper trailer, motorhome etc.).

Name Changes: We strictly do not permit name changes on bookings in the School Holidays. If you need to cancel a booking, your site/ accommodation will be offered to a family on our wait-list. Many families can be wait-listed for a spot for 12+ months, so to maintain its fairness and integrity, we cannot permit name changes.

Minimum Stay Requirements: Powered Sites and most accommodation fall under a strict Saturday to Saturday, 7 night minimum stay policy, only in school holidays. You can book for the first week, second week, or both weeks of a period. There is no minimum stay policy for Unpowered Sites, Ningaloo Villas or the Lodge.

April & July Holidays: These holiday periods are the most popular times of the year in the Ningaloo region. We generally fill up for Powered Sites & family accommodation on the opening date, so please contact us promptly.

Cancellation Wait-lists: We run wait-lists for Powered Sites or Accommodation as cancellations are received. Ask to be added to a wait-list for the holiday period you need!

Booking Procedure for School Holidays
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